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Trail Rules

Please take note of our safety instructions

Your safety is our priority. Please take note of our safety instructions during the trail.

  • The shooting range is accessed at own risk, every archer is liable for his conduct and that of his children and children are only allowed to shoot under supervision.
  • Always wear your arm protection.
  • Always follow the trail from marker to marker. Never walk back against the direction of shooting. In case of rain, emergency or if you are lost, call us for instructions or help.
  • Inspect arrows for damages before each shot.
  • Don’t use foreign arrows you find for shooting (risk of injury) and please take them to the reception.
  • Arrows are never placed on the bow string before the bow is directed at the target.
  • Shots into the air are not allowed – never!!
  • Never shoot with someone else standing in front of the firing line.
  • The arrow must be visible along the complete course of flight and it must be assured that nobody can suddenly enter the danger zone.
  • Never shoot anything but the 3D targets on the trail and always shoot from the markers (orange for beginners and blue for experienced).
  • Never move the targets, remove arrows carefully, and please report damaged targets at the reception.
  • When searching for arrows one person stays in front of the target or a bow is placed against the target. Clear the target as swiftly as possible.
  • As soon as another group reaches the shooting spot the target has to be cleared or the arriving group may overtake.
  • Shooting under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and no smoking in the range please.
  • Please report at the reception after completing the trail.